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a offical statement..

I recently got a email from ryans offical spokesperson and i wanted to share it with the world....

"iv been getting soo many letters, faxes, emails, voice conference calls, international calls thank u very much mohsin qazi for the 35.99 a min charges. anyway...back to the subject at hand but everyone has been concerned for ryan person. after the word got out that he broke a rule and was a hour and a half late just about, everyone was worried about ryan.

soo all is well at the ryan headquarters, he was back to offically being 35 mins early for work again."


"ryans offical spokeperson"
- fred savage
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now i can sleep easy
you and me both.
Theres still something unsettling about him being 35 minutes early.
that is very true. but it is ryan and thats how he always for some reason does it. anything else for him would just be not allowed.