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The Ryan Pearson Fan Club!!!!!!!'s Journal
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in The Ryan Pearson Fan Club!!!!!!!'s LiveJournal:

Monday, March 21st, 2005
1:24 pm
Ryan Pearson got drunk Saturday night and had all kinds of woman all over him. Updates comming soon!
Sunday, October 17th, 2004
8:46 pm
Important News
Like I promised everyone, anyone whos joins this community gets a autograph and a picture with the one and only Ryan Pearson.

So contact me to make arrangements throughout the week for all you Ryanholics can have this done!
8:43 pm
If you ever saw Connan or Leno or anyone late night including SNL they always have Ryan Pearson impersonations. Each one starts off with....

"Hey Guys"

Now to come and think of it, i dont think he ever starts he sayings with that.

Just food for thought.
Sunday, August 1st, 2004
2:18 pm
Ryan Up North Adventure is in 6 days and counting.
Sunday, July 18th, 2004
10:38 am
Ry Update 7/18/2004
The members area is a great place to see never be for seen footage of the great Ryan Pearson. You Get....

- Never Before seen Pics of Ryan
- The official statement from Ryan's Spokesperson explaining how that wasn't Ryan in the famous Paris Hilton Sex Tape
- Ryan Lyrics
- Ryan STories

Plus many many more.

BONUS Everyone who joins now will get a official Autograph from the man himself. Also if you live in the downriver area, you will get your chance to have you picture taken with Ryan and it will be put on here!
Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
5:01 pm
That is right folks. Next month will be the second annual Ryan and Friends Up North Adventure Week.

Last years was a fun event that only Ryan himself can bring along.

Last Years Consisted of
- Video Game Playing
- Tubing
- Grandma's cat Whiskers
- Tag in the middle of the night
- everyone besides dan watching porn
- Steak Dinners
- Dan Smith's broken Leg
- Meijers
- Best Buy
- Golf Cart Riding
- Jobin's Crazzzzzy Driving
- Watching Kingpin on the way there (with ryan super duper dulux Computer)
- Off road deer hunting in a mini van
- Traverse City
- High Fives on the Interstate
- Aunt and Uncle yelling at us in the middle of the night.
- Jason flipping ryans mattress over in the middle of the night.
- Dan and Jesse playing tag in the middle of the night outside with Ryan Yelling at us
- The clam collecting and finding out they were forbidden ones that kept the water clean. (some nut case told us)
- Ryan Tubing and being scared shitless
- Dan and Jason fighting (very entertaining)
- and much much more

This year's should be twice as fun and hey, if that isnt enough to convince you, just think of spending a week with Ryan and that should be reason enough.

Fun for the whole family!

Everyone's invited!

Bring the Kids!
Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
10:41 am
a offical statement..
I recently got a email from ryans offical spokesperson and i wanted to share it with the world....

"iv been getting soo many letters, faxes, emails, voice conference calls, international calls thank u very much mohsin qazi for the 35.99 a min charges. anyway...back to the subject at hand but everyone has been concerned for ryan person. after the word got out that he broke a rule and was a hour and a half late just about, everyone was worried about ryan.

soo all is well at the ryan headquarters, he was back to offically being 35 mins early for work again."


"ryans offical spokeperson"
- fred savage

Current Mood: happy
10:40 am
Ryan a bunny?
Ryan doesn't look like a Rabbit?

or Does he?

your thoughts
Monday, June 28th, 2004
11:53 am
Breaking News!!!!!!!
Saturday June 26th, 8am on a day where Ryan Pearson was surpose to be at work at 6:30.


more to unfold when this story developes!

Current Mood: crazy
Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
10:51 am
man o man where do i start. there is so much here... ill have to think of a good one and get back to it.
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